Here goes...

This is take two at a blog for me. Take one didn't go so well, I think because I was trying to make the concept too complicated. So forget the concept. I'm kidding myself if I think this thing is going to be that cohesive.

So if there isn't a specific concept behind it, why call it Sustainable.REALITY? It's just where my head is at these days. Probably like a lot of people, I'm a bit at war with myself. Sustainability and reality seem at odds.

I care, deeply in fact, about sustainability. It sickens me that we trash the earth the way we do, and that our whole economy is based on growth, thereby making the real engine consumption. I hate the fact that my own income is inextricably linked with consumption. I loath the wasteful and downright harmful behaviours I see everywhere.

At the same time, the reality of the world as it is today makes convenience valuable, and that often means wasteful things like disposable products, planned obsolescence, and energy intensive lifestyles extremely valuable. I'm no different than everyone else - I love stuff that makes my life easier.

So I'm starting to think more and more about how my life - or our lives, since I have a wife and child to factor into the equation, have to change to be more sustainable. But at the same time, I've got be realistic (it's not as if we're going to go live an off-the-grid a commune).

So, that's why it's called Sustainable.REALITY. Welcome to my blog.

P.S. For anyone out there reading, or considering reading, this blog, here are some things I'm interested in, and therefore topics that are likely (I say likely instead of "possible" because anything is fair game).

  • Consumerism (and my personal battle with it)
  • Financial planning in a long-term sense (of course, since we are talking about sustainability too).
  • Work-life balance (a term I hate, by the way)
  • International and/or community development
  • Urban planning
  • Whatever else fits with sustainability and reality... loosely.

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